Suffering Setback to Wayfinding Warrior 

Who Do I Coach?

Coaching men who have suffered a significant setback find their real self and rise up stronger than ever.

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What’s The Plan?


1. Get real about your situation – reach out and let’s set up a free 15-minute discovery call.

2. Figure out who you are – book a 1hr free, no commitment discovery session.

3. Bring the honesty and find your way to finding and accepting the real you – Set up a schedule of coaching sessions.

4. Imagine a new you and reclaim the strength that comes from knowing this – keep coaching you got this!

5. Make a plan and make powerful choices to shape your future and who you want to be – put your coaching into action.

6. Follow through by staying real – keep checking in with your coach.

7. Be the real you and enjoy the true strength, happiness and confidence that this brings – your coach wishes you well.

“I was very impressed with the high-quality coaching dialogue that I experienced, and above all the positive impact it had on my thinking. Gordon was able to support me to improve my mindset and clarify my priorities, for which I am very grateful. I would highly recommend New Bucket Coaching.” – Chris

“Excellent coaching experience with Gordon – a really good facilitator who helps you bring out challenges/goals/dreams/issues and very supportive and reflective in helping explore these in a friendly and professional way. I’d highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a business/life coach who will take this approach and not push their own agenda/experience.” – Andy

“From the first moments of connecting with Gordon, I was in no doubt I entered a space where whatever I chose to share would be received with compassion, kindness, empathy and some straight forward talking. There was no coaching smoke or mirrors here. Gordon has an uncanny ability to reflect back issues by using stories and analogy, which allowed me to process every and any challenging issue we tackled.” – Shakila

“I really benefited from Gordon’s coaching. He is insightful and has a way of using visual imagery and metaphors to bring to life ideas that may be subconscious or abstract. He is a dedicated and committed coach who strives to create the best experience for his clients.” – Lisa