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Is Coaching Right for Me? A Q&A With Coaches Shakila Majid and G. Robinson

Professional Coaches Shakila Majid and Gordon Robinson answer some of the most asked questions from those who are curious to know more about what coaching is and if it is right for them. 

Putting The Joy Back Into Your Life – Finding The True Authentic You.

Only you can choose your new bucket. Feeling like there is no water left in your bucket and along the road of life you lost the true you. Bucket man ‘G’ gives a demonstration of the new bucket concept and how change and true authentic joy comes from within.

Be More Productive and Engaged by Understanding What’s Draining Your Energy

Getting started on a meaningful task and not having the energy when performing or even getting started with that task can be so frustrating. In this video I provide you a 4-step process to understand the 6 influencers that could be draining your energy and a strategy to raise your energy and re-engage with any task.

How Much Of Our Thinking Is 2D?

In this video I provide you with insight into thinking in 3D and interpreting the world from a wider 360 perspective allowing you to see the sphere of multiple possibilities not just the circle of 1 interpretation.

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Doubt Bomb!

“Doubt is the voice of fear and fear is a liar”

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night because you brain is going a mile-a-minute and all you can think about is everything in your life to doubt about yourself? It feels like a doubt bomb of emotions and thoughts has exploded in your brain. Does it happen often to you? It’s OK it occurs to most people and is completely normal.

Doubt bombs can be: more..

Energise Your Week By Focusing On The Positive

If you start your week looking for the positive it is likely you will find it. The reverse is often true when we look for the negative. Both exist for sure, but what energy we choose to energise our reality with is up to us.

Sticking with the battery metaphor: more..

Finding Your Yes In The Field Of No

Do you ever feel that no matter hard you try in your work, family, recreational time, relationships, fitness or life in general you keep getting no, until all you can see is no and you stop trying?
When we feel beat down, smacked down, low and defeated, no, becomes the world around us.

For example: more..