ELI Assessment

Unlock Your Full Potential with the Energy Leadership Index Assessment

“What lights you up and what holds you back? Want to know? I have a tool for that. – G”

Greater Self-Awareness

Gain a deeper understanding of your energy patterns, strengths, and areas for growth. Discover how your energy impacts your decision-making, relationships, and overall well-being

Enhanced Leadership Skills

Develop effective leadership skills by leveraging your energy to inspire, motivate, and influence those around you. Unleash your potential to become a true leader in any field

Breakthrough Performance

Identify and release self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that hinder your success. Harness your energy to achieve breakthrough performance and accomplish your goals with ease and confidence

Improved Relationships

Strengthen your personal and professional relationships by understanding the impact of your energy on interactions. Build meaningful connections and create a positive environment around you

Life Balance and Fulfillment

Achieve a harmonious work-life balance and experience greater fulfilment in all areas of your life. Align your energy with your values and goals to create a life that is truly fulfilling

What is the ELI Assessment

How useful would it be to have a roadmap to yourself? 

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is a behavioural assessment designed to provide deep insights into how, and most importantly why, you perform in life the way you do

Developed by industry experts, this assessment is backed by years of research and has helped countless individuals overcome obstacles and achieve unprecedented levels of success. To learn more check out the official ELI Assessment page here:

ELI Assessment
  • Reach out to your coach ‘G’ to have a discovery call to answer any questions you have about the ELI experience and the benefits to you. BOOK NOW
  • Choose which option is right for you and take the ELI as part of the Discover Package
  • When you sign up your ELI Master Practitioner, G, will send you a link to your email inviting you to complete the survey online. It is multi-choice and takes approximately 20 mins to complete.
  • Book a 1-on-1, 2 hour personalized ELI debrief coaching session with your coach G.
  • Your client report containing your results will be sent to your email to read up to 3 days before your debrief session. Read it through and come prepared to ask loads of questions.
  • Experience the transformative, perspective shifting power of the ELI in a customized debrief coaching session. 
  • At the end of the debrief, we will establish the next steps. You have the map, knowledge and the tools to use, now let’s put them into action.
“He is a dedicated and committed coach who strives to create the best experience for his clients”

– Lisa

“I was very impressed with the high-quality coaching dialogue that I experienced, and above all the positive impact it had on my thinking. Gordon was able to support me to improve my mindset and clarify my priorities, for which I am very grateful”

– Chris

“I always look forward to my sessions with Gordon – I know I will always discover something new”

– Lynne